Appealing your unfair dismissal

If you disagree with your redundancy, you should have a look at your contract or work rules. There may be time limits, but the best time to act is straight away.

I’ve been unfairly chosen for redundancy, and I want to put the situation right by receiving appropriate notice, a selection of other posts within the same organisation that match my competence and qualifications, and compensation.

Getting help from the experts

If your response from Human Resources is not satisfactory, you may want to speak to your union rep. They have a better understanding of how your predicament satisfies the needs of their clients and may be able to help you better suit them.

Settling disputes early

If the situation is difficult and you think you have a strong case, it’s always worth opting for Acas mediation. It’s free of charge to use and if your employer agrees, it could save you from having to take your claim to the Employment Tribunal.

You do not have to accept this. You need to tell Acas right away because the time limits are strict and it won’t work if you don’t reach them.

Taking your claim to an employment tribunal

If you think your day in court is still to come, you may be able to have your case tried by an Employment Tribunal.

If you were unhappy with the outcome of your employment tribunal case, then you will be happy to know that there will be no fees.

Staff turnover

Employers and job seekers alike know their legal rights. It’s possible for your employer to replace you by employing a new staff member, even if that means sacking you. The role could be different, or the employer might move your position and location to another part of the company.

This can be a hard situation to know what recourse you have, if any. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly under your contract, it’s worth making sure of your options by consulting with a lawyer like